Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I get on facebook much more regularly; I don't write anything, but I've posted all the Hawaii pics there!


As the three of you who read this may have noticed, I'm not really into the blogging thing anymore. I just have nothing interesting to say (unless you want stories about Ryot every day). And being that I'm not a student anymore, do I have to change the name? I guess I didn't plan ahead or didn't think that day would ever come :) I suppose as I start working I will try to catelogue my embarassing moments with patients. There will be many, so maybe I won't take the time; we'll see...
Well, I am indeed, officially a PA-C. I have received my official Master's diploma and official NCCPA certificate for passing boards, another piece of nice paper saying I am legal and have completed the requirements to be eligible for a licence, and now I am just waiting for my actual licence, which I should get this week. (I do still have to get a DEA $551! Ridonkulous.) I am scheduled to start work on the 15th; by "work" I mean computer training. The clinic is finally moving over to computerized charting and records, for which I am very glad!!! It takes me SOO long to chart by hand, plus it will be nice to be able to look up pt records, eventually. I'm scared to start seeing patients! I haven't done family practice since A YEAR AGO when I was a student there (btw I am working at Mountainlands Community Health Center in Provo), and I also haven't really spoken spanish since then either! Woopsie; it will be a challenge for the first while, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it before too long...or else they'll fire me and I can find a job in surgery ;-)
Aside from that boring stuff, we went to Hawaii which was a life goal of mine! It seems I have done a lot of things recently that I've been hoping to accomplish in life for a long time, so maybe that means I will die soon, I don't know, but I'm grateful for the opportunity. Hawaii is beautiful! There's so much to do, I hope we'll go back (I've always wanted to go to Europe and South America, so maybe I won't die quite yet?) I took a private surf lesson, from a Peruvian surf champion (or so he says...) and it was rough! Oh my gosh, those waves are killer. It was fun though! I would definitely try again if I get the chance. My favorite thing though was snorkeling; we rented stuff from the hotel and just walked down the beach to a spot the beach lifeguard told us had a little reef, and it was so cool! There were 5 huge sea turtles right there, and a whole bunch more not far away. At one point this big enormous one was staring straight at me and started swimming toward me...I got skeered. There's signs all over the beach that say "don't touch the turtles/coral" so I kept worrying I would accidently touch them (or that they'd bite me; I don't know if turtles bite, but they're HUGE). There was quite the variety of fish as well! All just swimmin there, just chillin. I didn't phase them at all. It was serene! (PS sea water is NASTY).
The past couple of weeks that I've had free time I have been trying to accomplish at least one thing a day, and I also ordered a bunch of lame, mindless books to read! I also decided to start getting up before 10am because I sort of feel like that's a waste of a day. Maybe I should study spanish and medicine so I could feel better prepared to start working...hmmm...
So I can't promise I will write, but I will try! Hope you enjoy :) And hope you all keep writing because I heart your blogs and pictures!

Friday, July 17, 2009

I have nada to say...

I'm sure everyone has given up even checking to see if I write anything. Which is good, because I haven't been! And not going to now. April we went to Cabo and it was SOO great. I have been at the VA in SLC in internal med since then and will be done in one week! YAY. Scary, as next I have to pass the boards. So maybe I will study. There hasn't been a whole lot outside of these things! Except that I got a job, which I think everyone knows.
Well I'm not going to write right now becaus my laptop is not cooperating, so that is all!