Tuesday, February 5, 2008

ay que frio

Two more days in clinic have come and gone, and not much to write about. Lots of coughs, sore throats, etc. I have actually had to exam dirty little sick kids (ok they're not dirty because the majority of the patients we see are insured, middle-upper class types, which is different than the ER!) And I haven't even cried yet. The kids have been kind of cute because we haven't had any crying ones. So far all I've been doing is standing there while my PA (Randy) does the history and talks to the patient, then usually he has me do the exam--which is quite different from what we have been practicing. He takes about 2 seconds to do everything, which is good because he stays on time, but I would be more thorough personally. I was only there a half day this past week so we only saw about 10 patients in the morning (the week before we saw about 32, and were done by 5! Nice.) And the whole day he quizzes me, which is good because it helps me learn and he's not a jerk about it and doesn't treat me like I'm entirely stupid, but I feel stupid anyway since there's so much I don't know. He tries to make me feel better by telling me that he always had to look up all the meds when he first started. And each week he gives me a little "assignment" to read up on and report the next week. This week it's leukemias (which should be super easy since we haven't had oncology yet...!)
He's kind of an interesting guy...he's one of those that doesn't believe in immunizing his kids when their little, and he's all into the holistic healing stuff, which I'm down with to some extent, but not excessively or in place of actual research, technology, and modern medicine (God gave it to us for a reason!) He doesn't push it on patients, but he encourages the pts who are into it. And, he's into the MLM dark chocolate thing, which is weird because I'm into dark chocolate. The reason I've heard of this is because a couple of weeks ago when Ryan went to the dentist (about the 3rd visit in 2 months and I think he's going back again) the dentist tried talking him into getting involved in that! Real professional.
Anyway, Randy is a nice guy, and the other people in the clinic seem nice. It's huge so I haven't met a whole lot of them. I think there's about 8 Drs total. And, I figured out this week, one is the guy who does Ryan's flight physicals. I think just about all of them went to BYU and all have about 6 kids. My PA speaks fluent espanol, but we've only had a few hispanic pts.
The only exciting thing that's happened so far was one of the first pts I saw with him last friday morning had a purulent abscess to pop, so as I was standing there holding her clothes out of the way (it was in a weird place) and he's injecting the lidocaine, he put so much in it POPPED and PUS flew all over my WHITE COAT...which was, pretty much gross. I can handle a lot of things, but derm stuff, especially those involving lancing purulent stuff, makes me want to get a job at Nordstrom or something instead. So that was sweet, and he kept apologizing that he got it all over me. But his philosophy is see one, do one. So I get to do the next one; and hopefully he'll be standing in the line of fire!
That's all that's going on, other than we have a million inches of snow--and we haven't shoveled the driveway or sidewalks in a LONG TIME because we're never home and Ryan has been sick and I'm lazy; apparently our neighbors hate us because they all have snowblowers yet no one ever does ours! :( It can be summer now because it's getting really annoying trying to drive when it's a BLIZZARD every other day and so there's a layer of ice under everything!
So my motto for this semester is: I'll be in Cabo in 3 months!!!

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Marissa said...

We (meaning Ryan) don't shovel our sidewalks or driveways either. The first couple of times it snowed our neighbors were nice and helped out, but since they realized that we don't do it because we don't feel like it, they've stopped. When we are rich we are totally buying a snowblower, and I've told Ryan he's going to have to do all the sidewalks in the area. :)