Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hello,to my millions of disappointed fans! I guess I decided updating my blog wasn't so important the past month.
The semester is OVER! I am so releived that I don't know what to do with myself, especially since mentally I have been on break for at least a week, after the last pharm test (no bueno). I do believe my grades will be a little worse this semester, but the good thing is, I passed and no one cares what my grades are anyway (other than my pride). I don't resent the insane people who get over 95% on EVERY SINGLE EXAM, but it just makes me feel like I should be able to do that too. Fortunately they don't tell us our ranking in the class or even hint at it, so I think that helps us get along better.
Part of my mental vacation this week included cleaning the house (thank goodness), and being crafty and creative. Instead of studying for the surgery final, last friday I found the disc of pictures from the NY/PA/WA DC trip JLB and I took lo these many years ago (like 5). I was pleasantly surprised to find that I have some pretty sweet pics (I'm assuming I took all of them, since I don't remember for sure) of NY scenery/buildings/etc, and of DC as well. So I picked about the top 42, and printed them in "sepia" so they look kind of old fashioned, bought some inexpensive frames, and voila! Art! It looks pretty cool, and is more cool that they are pictures I took myself (or possibly Jonathan took, but again, I'm taking credit).
My break will be seemingly short-lived, since I'm going to be lazy today, pack/do errand-type-stuff tomorrow (financial aid, oil change, wedding gifts, ryot bath,...) then drive to Vegas friday, home saturday, pack sunday, and fly to Cabo San Lucas monday! I'm so disappointed that I'll miss the first day of class since we'll still be in 90 degree beach weather then. I guess I can't complain about that. I AM SO EXCITED. Although this semester wasn't as killer as previous, the endurance of just getting through doing the same thing, in the same place, with no windows, with the same people for SO long, plus with all the HORRIBLE weather we had this winter, the hopes of CSL kept me going. I'm fairly certain Ryan is quite ready for a break as well. I guess working 3 jobs and never being home (except to work on helicoptors) and being the only one in the household employed gets a little old too.
We did go to St George at the beginning of April for a rc helicoptor "conference" type deal. That was so nice since it was STILL snowing here, and it was gorgeous weather, green grass, and flowers. I didn't study at all! It was actually fun to see all the helicoptor geeks and how good some of them fly. It was held in an alfalfa field, so other than the red dust that got ALL OVER EVERYTHING, it was nice to be outside! It was kind of cool for us to actually spend time together as well!
Friday clinics will continue through the summer, and now we will be the "2nd year students", and WE'LL be the ones they practice taking their first histories on, and the brand new little 1st yr students will be our pts we have to do an entire exam on, diagnose, and treat. I remember when I thought they were so cool and smart; I guess they really were pretending. I can come across that way if I try. We are also getting moved to a real classroom, with chairs and space and windows and everything! YAY. That will be sweet, except we won't be the only ones in the building (darn pharmacy and med students!) and we won't really see our faculty much. But, there are 2 cafeterias close by, fooseball, ping pong, and WINDOWS.
I got to go to Shriner's hospital my last friday this semester, which is a totally non-profit (as in, no pt pays ANYTHING; not even for food) children's orthopedic hospital. It was a short day and we didn't really do anything but look at Xrays and round on all the pts with about a million other people. It's a cool system, and if it weren't for the children, would be a cool place to work (ok, I probably would enjoy the children more than the ortho; not my thing).
Did I mention I LOVE SUSHI? Mmmm good stuff. I even almost got Ryan to eat some. There's a tiny little place in downtown SLC (which ironically is half bar, half sushi place, divided by those little japanese screen-things, but hey at least no smoking) and it is the best ever. Not that we ever go there after a test because it's half-price if you get there early, but...ok we do. At least once a week. (Jonathan you should probably try it when you're here).
That's all the update I got and I'm guessing will be the last for a little while. I'll write again when I'm back in school and don't feel like studying :)


Marissa said...

I really want to see those pictures you printed out. I bet they look great.
You are looking forward to CSL, and the most I get to look forward to is Vegas. Ah, the small life I lead. At least I'm happy.

Jonathan said...

WAHOOO!!!! Go Sushi! What's the place called? maybe considering the HUGE pool of people that read your blog I bet the restaurant/bar would pay you for advertising.

Way to go with the pictures. I can't quite imagine you framed and hung all 42 in your house, so I'm excited to see. I haven't looked at those pictures in ages either.