Wednesday, June 4, 2008

and Ryot says hello

Not much to say, but I thought I would give a brief update since I've finished my 2 tests of the week (of course 100% on both, in case you were curious). We went to Cabo, came back, got back in FULLTIME hardcore school mode, Ryan has been gone pretty much ever since at one job or another (and was offered a job teaching toxicology and hazmat nationally---so that's good and way to go, and maybe I will see him around sometime), bought a new truck, etc, etc.... nothing fun. Don't be disappointed because I haven't really done much in clinic or even really seen too many interesting stuff. I have discovered that not only can I be in the same room as children and make eye contact with them, I can do a complete exam (including testicles!) without making them all cry! Good job. Hopefully I don't have to do that too much in the future though.
This friday I will be in the ED at the U so that's usually a good time and perhaps I will have something of interest or intrigue to comment on.
On an entirely unelated note, I am so looking forward to when it may be over 80 degrees and actually stay that way for longer than 2 days without it raining and snowing...hello, it's JUNE. So much for the supposed "drought".
Peace, love, go team.

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