Saturday, January 3, 2009

I will do anything to avoid doing what I actually need to

“A man who dares to waste one hour of his life has not discovered the value of life.” Charles Darwin

Yes, my master's project is due this month. And I have yet to do much more than what I did for the proposal which was due in December. I don't really like my topic or writing papers or research so that doesn't help. But in my efforts to avoid working on it I have cleaned the house, my laundry is done, I have been running almost everyday the past couple of weeks, and I am writing on my blog!
So in November I did my general surgery rotation in Provo and I LOVED it. I got to see some great surgeries, and we were pretty much in the OR the whole time. Not a lot of trauma but on thanksgiving night we did get a drunk driver who decided to go the wrong way on the freeway (courtesy of Orem Fire Dept-thanks Ryan), and it was an awesome surgery; the guy didn't make it but we were all in his abdomen and chest. All the surgeons I was working with are VERY very nice, and explained everything to me but didn't ask me questions! I'm a fan of that.
December I was doing Neurosurgery in SLC as one of my elective rotations. It was primarily critical care but I did go to the OR for a few cool tumors, and saw a few other cool procedures. There is some crazy stuff that happens to people, let me tell you. It was a good mix of trauma patients, brain and spine tumors, and other weird infectious-type things, and spontaneous bleed-type things like aneurysms and hemorrhagic strokes. Lots of sad stuff but I learned a ton, including a lot about snow science and avalanches because my preceptor has been a ski patroller for a long time and is an amazing skiier, and she blows up mountains, and since there were a few avalanches this month she took the time to teach me about that. Since I'm pretty much a double black-diamond, back county skiier myself I'm sure I'll use that knowledge about as much as I'll be performing brain surgery (but it's really interesting). I also got 2 weeks off this month, one of which we went to vegas which was a good time, and the other over Christmas. If only I'd used that time more wisely...
I did go snowboarding once so far on my new board and it was AMAZING. It was totally the perfect conditions! So fun! I did finally end up hitting something on the 2nd to last run and was expecting my landing to be soft so I didn't try hard to stop myself, but since all that was under the powder was ICE my knee did not think it was very cool. But it was a great fun day. Sadly I don't think I'll have time to run or snowboard this month. That is not cool!
Christmas, blah blah, new years, blah blah...nothing exciting; I got some sweet boarding attire however.
Monday I start my next rotation which is at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center downtown, 6 am -6 pm 5 days/week, plus being on call 6 evenings during the month and 2 saturdays. It is a "family medicine" rotation but it is all just inpatient medicine (and possibly a little OB when oncall). Myself and another fellow PA-S will be working mainly with the family medicine residents, and the hospitalists. We pretty much are equivalent to 4th year med students so we will be given our own patients that we are in charge of (same as the residents, only about half as many patients). It should be fun and very educational but I'm not looking forward to getting up at 4am everyday and having to stay up there over night a couple times each week. That pretty much leaves no time for writing a paper, exercise, or sleep. I won't complain though; I kind of made a big deal about getting to do this rotation since there are only a limited number of positions for it and I really wanted to do it. I like working inpatient so it will be a good experience. Supposed to be a lot of cardiology which is always a good time. I'm sad I won't get to do any surgery for awhile :( I also haven't had to iron my nice "professinal" clothes for the past few months due to wearing only scrubs, so now I'll have to start doing that again. My next elective is in March and I'm doing cardiothoracic surgery so I have that to look forward to! Next month is ER and that will be fun as well.
For anyone who didn't notice (or doesn't care) my team, the University of Utah Utes, had a perfect season and won the sugarbowl! Good job! I will have school spirit and pretend I care about college athletics.
That is all!!!


Marny said...

You are a crack up! You have been MIA in the blogging world so I'm glad to see you are back....even if it is just for the time being. Sounds like you are going to be super busy, but you might have to find some time in March to hook up when we are in town so we can catch up. Who are you doing your CV rotation with? Hope all goes well and I'll talk to you later :)

Marissa said...

I have found that I also get a lot done when I'm trying to avoid a certain project.
No fun that you will be at the hospital for the whole month. I guess we won't see you much.

Jonathan said...

Wow, that rotation sounds killer. What is your master's project?