Saturday, May 19, 2007


a'ight, so school started this week. The first two days were spent being told by the faculty and previous students about how hard the next 15 months will be because of the workload, followed by being even busier the remaining 12 months in clinical rotations. Yeah!
But, after two days of actual class, I'm at this point relieved, only because our first class is biochem (boo!) which lasts 2.5 wks. Then Anatomy, physiology, and data collection/hx (basically all bout physical exams-this class lasts 2 semesters). Being that I was foolish enough to take 3 Ochem classes + 3 gen chem classes + molecular biology, genetics, AND biochem, I fortunately have some background in this. My professor is AWESOME. Leroy, is at least 70 (I think someone said closer to 80), taught at U of U med school and was the dept director for 30 yrs who moved to st george after retiring. He and his wife come stay in a hotel for 3 wks just for him to teach this class because he likes PA students so much. But he makes everything straightforward, and simple, and clinically related. The bad thing (but it makes everyone pay attention and be prepared) is he learned EVERYONE's name (36 students) the first day, and doesn't really lecture; he calls on someone, asks them a question or series of questions. You never know when it'll be you!
But what I was almost concerned about the most was that I wouldn't like the people in my class (I don't play well with others). But EVERYONE is so fun, nice, and not all as smart as I (just kiddin). But it's not a competative, everyone-for-themself atmosphere. And there's lots of funny kids so that makes it cool. We're also very diverse; there's about 6-8 of us who speak Spanish (and have experience with hispanic pt's), a Russian girl, Australian girl (who was on the Australian Olympic track team for 2000, but didn't make it to the olympics), and a guy from the Congo. There are also RNs, A couple of flight paramedics, radiology/CT/MRI techs, and various others with some type of experience. Pretty much I'm one of the youngest (the youngest is a few months younger than me and just graduated last month!)
In other news, I'm down to running about 3 miles a day, 4 days/wk...I hope to maintain at least this amount. With riding the bus to and from school (3 hrs) plus the drive to and from the bus stop (about 40 min-I get up at 5 AM!!!) and sitting in class from 8-4 (with breaks throughout and 1 hr for lunch) I'm tired of sitting! I think if I don't take walks during breaks and run over lunch or after class, my metabolism is going to go into hibernation for 15 months. We'll see what I have time for and am ambitious enough to do once the REAL classes start.
That's all I have time for now; I've got about 8 chapters to read!!!
Love, C

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gillian-c said...

sounds like FUN. We're down to running about...well, not very much every day. But we do bike to work. We like your blog. Why do you like the Yankees? (It's good to be a Mariners fan because no one can claim you jumped on a bandwagon)