Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Oh, I have a blog?

Yes, I forgot. Although school hasn't been really really bad (yet) it has been busy enough. I get up at 5:00 am for crying out loud!!! It's rough, but I have to admit that mornings are quite pretty during the summer. So I'm not suicidal now, but that may change by about October. I get to see the sun coming up, there's a light breeze, the house is freezing because we leave the window open all night, it's great.
So I'm done with biochem! Hey! That was fun! It was rough for most people who haven't had biochem and ochem, but so now I'm worried about the rest of the classes. Today (I don't have class until 1!) we start "data collection" which is basically taking complete history & physicals on patients. One of the more important things, but hopefully no really difficult. Before class starts we had to memorize a list about 4 pages long and all the cranial nerves and how to test them. So that doesn't requiring thinking, just memorizing!
So far I've been a good student. I've been pretty responsible, I don't dread it too much, and I actually got pretty good scores on the daily biochem quizzes. One new thing I'm doing as a student now is caffeine. Being that I never really drank soda much, and BYU doesn't have caffeinated sodas (which then, why drink soda?) I wasn't in the habit before. But the past year or so of having free diet coke and diet dr pepper (why does anyone drink regular soda with sugar? If you want to consume that many calories, at least have something good!!! Like ice cream!) I decided it will give me something to do while in class. A red bull/rock star/diet pepsi/diet mt dew every day is just enough to perk up a little, but not too much to put me into abnormal heart rhythms (I've heard cocaine works the same way). I think it makes my heart rate faster when I run, because i've been having a hard time! I run during lunch with a few girls that are literally half my size, but the problem is we go on the trails above campus. Pretty, but UPHILL!!! And the whole time you have to focus on maintaining balance and not eating the dirt because of all the rocks. So I treasure the times I go by myself on asphalt! (I run by the zoo!)
On a sad note, the Yankees are really sucking it up this year. What is the deal. I'm very disenchanted with them right now, but I still watch (it's a good study tool). I'll catch a little Mets, Cardinals, Phillies, Dodgers, and yes, even Mariners every now and then (aren't they glad they got rid of A Rod? I can't stand him anymore). Other than that TV isn't a big distraction...EXCEPT thursday nights! So you think you can dance is the best show ever, and unlike American Idol, isn't WAY over done, and doesn't get monotonous and boring after a while. I love it. Go Utah dancers.
OK, we'll see how the rest of the week goes, and if I have the motivation to babble on this weekend!

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