Saturday, June 16, 2007


Yo. It's really really really hot. Unbearably. But better that than cold I guess.
This week I learned about how to get people angry, defensive, and confrontational.
I also attempted to learn something to do with auscultation of cardiac sounds. It is in fact more difficult than expected. There's just a lot to keep straight, not to mention actually be able to interpret what it means. Good thing I'll get LOTS more time and experience to become comfortable. But this is the point when the program becomes difficult if only for the fact that the schedule seems kind of schizophrenic. Everyday is different (hours, classes, instructions, everything) so I feel like I sit around a lot trying to figure how to best use my time because I don't really know what's coming up. We start three new classes next week, and I think two finals the following week. Not really difficult material necessarily (A&P is WAY simpler than what I did in undergrad; but it's only review now--we get to go into LOTS more detail with each individual class later on for cardio, neuro, etc) but it's a matter of being flexible and time management. And who can't do that? Like it's hard...
More importantly NYY are finally acting like they are professional, high-paid baseball players. 9/10 wins this month. Bout time. It just gives me something else to be happy about, so yay.
And so far this weekend I haven't done much other than put some clothes away, wash the week's dishes (yes, the whole week) and go to a family reunion (not really my family but other than the fact that I was sweating like a whore in church-thanks ryan-it was fun). Ryan is using his time and money since I've been in school to take up an old (expensive) hobby of RC helicopters. Not really my thing and I don't really get what's so cool about it, but he's ALL into it and it is kind of cool. So whatever; I think it's like therapy for him so I'm all for it.
We'll see how exciting this week is. Only 5 weeks left this semester!!!

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