Friday, June 22, 2007

madame presidente

Not really. I got ambitious a few weeks ago, and decided to participate in our student body organization. At first I didn’t even consider it, 1-because it seemed a little insignificant and high-school-ish, and 2-because I figure I need all my spare time to focus on school. However, after consideration of the positions, and encouragement from a lot of my kind classmates, I decided to go for the power, and run for prez. The other options include: vice (not really important-just kidding), secretary/treasurer (way too much work), Utah Academy of Physician Assistant Rep (really would be good for connections and jobs in Utah), and something to do with the national association rep. Also Diversity Rep (over service and community outreach etc) and I initially really wanted to do that, but there’s another girl that was REALLY interested, and I think she’s awesome, so we all wanted her to do it. So the only two positions that had more than one person signed up for were presidente and one of the other ones. I convinced a girl to run for vice with me because we thought it would be fun to have our meetings while getting pedicures and then going to PF chaang’s for the great wall of chocolate. I also emailed the two previous class presidents (another reason I thought I should do it because a female hasn’t been pres for YEARS even though the class is predominantly female) and they eased my concerns about the time issue. So I was all for it, PLUS another guy in our class that REALLY wanted it is pretty obnoxious and kind of the only person in class that no one else can stand, so I figured we needed a better option than him. HOWEVER, my dear buddy felt the same way and signed up, but since I had already decided, I still did as well. He’s really smart and responsible so I figured he was good competition. It’s funny because we both voted for each other. And, despite ALL the many people who came up to me and told me they voted for me (they LIED!) he beat me. It’s ok though because he’ll do awesome. If he were a jerk and a loser I would be bitter, but he’ll do good. I was kind of all ready for it, so now I feel useless. I don’t know my place. I want to go sit in on the meetings just for fun. Now who will I go get a pedicure with? Anyway, the good thing is that there are TONS of committees that the faculty stronger suggest/require everyone participate in so I’ll be able to be actively involved. I figure I’ll only be a student for two years so I might as well do as much as I can now cause I never will again! So once again, the white male gets all the power.

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Marissa said...

How come I never heard you were running for Pres? I would have voted for you.