Wednesday, June 27, 2007

fine, thanks

To everyone who heard the news about the shooting on the U of U campus who were concerned about my well being, thanks, I’m fine. Oh wait, that was no one.
It literally happened 2 blocks down the same street where I am in class everyday, and right at the same time I was getting to school. Only I came from the zoo side, as opposed from the research park side where the incident occurred. I didn’t know about it until someone else mentioned it casually HOURS later. So I’m glad to know security on campus is so great. And, in Virginia Tech fashion (surprisingly) we all got an email to let us know what happened…hours later.
Anyway, if you don’t know what happened, read the freaking news. A girl in our class WORKS at the MRI office where it happened. She talked to the secretary around noon who said the guard’s body was still there. This girl heard the guy beating the guard right in the next room, called 911, and locked herself in the MRI room. Anyway, real sad. If you haven’t seen a picture of this *^#&@, look up the story. That’ll tell you all you need to know about him.
Ok, so…I don’t know what else. I’m kind of bored of school right now. I’m ready to be done, so now is when it’s starting to get busy. Lots of classes, and microbiology which is REALLY not cool and I’ve never had it before. It’s very applicable and VERY important, but, I really don’t care about GERMS!!! The professor is the head of all sorts of things including the med school, University hospital, and I don’t know what else, so needless to say he is hard core smart. And pretty condescending. No one can ask an intelligent question, at least from his reaction. But I really like him. He knows how smart he is, and I honestly thinks he wants everyone to do well and really get it (because he teaches infectious disease and other classes the other semesters which relate to this class) but he enjoys making it really challenging and expects a lot. So, ok, welcome to the last 3 years I was an undergraduate. So I don’t think it’s a big deal to have to take notes furiously during class, but some others have been whining about it. He is EXTREMELY defensive and concerned about copyright stuff, students coming to class, etc, because I’m sure he’s been burned before by med students who are a little more dishonest and willing to do anything for a grade, so he REFUSES to make his lecture notes available before class (which would make note-taking WAY easier), he ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT allow recording in his class room, etc. Like I said, hard core. He just doesn’t have a nice way of saying things to people. But that’s ok. I think that he has at least already convinced several people to never eat meat again, especially processed meat. And we’ve only had 3 classes.

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Marissa said...

What IS in processed meat? Wait, I really don't want to know.