Monday, July 23, 2007

Pioneer Day!? WTF?

As I sit here at my tall kitchen table, with the door open and a nice, fresh, rainy breeze blowing through, listening to children screaming and illegal fireworks, I wonder if I have acanthamoeba and if I will soon go blind (the ongoing saga of the STUPID EYE INFECTIONS) and wondering who sold Albertson's soul to the Devil so that they could slowly destroy me.
Once is maddening, twice is aggrevating, but three times? Eerie. A few months ago I had made some salsa, which was good, but I forgot cilantro. So about a week later I really wanted to make it with the cilantro. I planned it all out and set aside special time specifically to get the few ingredients needed--mainly, CILANTRO. Being that Al's was the only store open (yes, sorry, it was sunday) I went out of my way to go get it. And, no cilantro. I stood there wondering how they could have every other green thing and not the one thing I needed. Even asked the little boy working there, and nope, none (he probably didn't even know what it was). Considering that the purpose of grocery stores is to have the groceries I need to buy but they for some reason don't feel the need to actually provide what the purpose of being there is (how popular could cilantro be in Spanish Fork?) I left bitter and angry.
To get on with the point, not long after this event I again returned to the evil store for...ok, honestly I can't remember what it was, but I NEEDED it, it was ALL I needed, and I thought it a joke on me that it was THE ONE THING in the store they didn't have! I think it was spice cake mix to make pumpkin cookies (VERY important!) The final straw is, today, at 6:00 am, I stopped by on my way to school to get a few limes for a soup that I was taking to school. A soup which requires several things, but is not nearly as good without the lime....need I say what happened. Who doesn't have LIMES!!!??? And yet has EVERY other fruit AND vegetable (including cilantro!)
Whatever. Albertson's is dead to me.
Aside from the travesty I experience everytime I enter a grocery store (people wonder why I don't cook!) I am happy because this is the last week of classes. I'm on a good streak so far (A's on every test all semester-including today except that I learned it's a good idea to read all of the possible answers before choosing one, in the event that there is more than one correct option!) but the worst will be friday for the micro exam (do I really need to know all those little organisms and if they are blue or red?) then 3 more tests next week. Then partay, until the very worst yet to come in fall. Which I don't know our schedule for yet because apparently about 3 instructors decided they can't teach in fall maybe fall will be REAL light, and spring will be REALLY REALLY bad. Who knows. I guess part of the lesson is that PAs have to be adaptive in unpredictable and challenging circumstances (incuding blindness?)

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Marissa said...

Sounds like you need to find a new store! I'm glad you get a break from school for a little bit. Do something fun!