Sunday, July 8, 2007

IDiot. Gosh!

I like to be efficient, organized, simple, and uncomplicated. One way that this is manifested is by me leaving my wallet, which contains driver's licence, checks, any and all cards/misc items, and CASH, at home, and only taking the trusty old debit card with me wherever I go so that I can keep it in my pocket, or what I've recently been using in conjunction with the backpack--a cute little estee lauder bag that fits my cell phone, lip gloss, chapstick, AND, debit card. This becomes a problem in three instances.
The first (entirely hypotetical, except when it's happened...) I get pulled over, and have no ID (haven't gotten a ticket yet though!) A more problematic situation is when I leave the card in my pants pocket, and forget, and don't wear the same pants the next day, then realize I need to put gas in my car. HATE THAT. Thirdly, when I have no cash with me, and decide I need a little ice cream cone (again, purely hypothetical) which costs $1.06. So I scrounge for change, and come up with .88 cents. Ok, so at least I have the debit card, silly as it is to use it for $1.06, but whatever. The REAL problem THEN is when said institutions of ice cream REQUIRE ID THROUGH THE DRIVE THROUGH WINDOW. However, all they wanted was something with my name on it, so fortunately (unlike what perhaps MAY have happened in the past) I have my registration/proof of insurance that the 14 year old chick at the window can use to prove my identity. So what would have taken 3 minutes takes WAY LONGER; and, is somewhat embarrassing (apparently I care if the 14 year old judges me). Honestly, can said institution really be so concerned if someone fraudulently charge $3.47 for a "meal" on someone else's card, as long as they get paid? They should just be happy to have someone, anyone, at their drive-through, even if it is a felon (usually an overweight felon, and maybe more like $6.38).
Despite all the dangers involved, I will likely continue the practice of simplifying and uncomplicating daily life.

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