Monday, August 6, 2007

free at last!!!I

I LOVE days off. I LOVE NOT being in school. It's not that I necessarily dislike being IN school, but I enjoy-correct, LOVE, having time to do what I need to. I.e., shop, read, clean, SLEEP, and yes, COOK. I grilled pineapple, canteloupe, caribbean jerk chicken, and onions, and stir-fried some potatoes. And yes, Ryan ate it! Que milagro. Oh, and, razzleberry pie for dessert.
Finals were really not too bad. Fortunately the worst was first, so once it was out of the way (and I actually did pretty well-bonus!) it was pretty laid back. And we are all about the celebrating too. I think I went out with classmates 4 times that week. Time for a break! But it was fun. I've already seen one movie, mowed the lawn, had a good, not-rushed workout, and shopped-but not the good kind; the wal-mart kind. But I spent a lot, so that is always fun. For a day. Until I look at my bank account. Oh well.
Two weeks is far too short so I have a lot to do in a short period of time--a lot of relaxing. Sleeping is pretty much top priority, and I have at least 3 books I have to read. Good thing they haven't given us our fall schedule yet, or I might feel guilt about not doing what I can to get ahead.
One thing I was going to mention is that friday I spent pretty much all day (the day was short-because I slept til 11! It was Ryot's fault...) doing free physicals for uninsured people-mostly kids. Found a couple of funky things, but mostly it's something that helps me more than them. It was good experience, and lots of Spanish practice. But they did say that for a huge number of these people, it's the only time they get to see a "doctor" all year; every year they bring their families to the C.A.R.E. fair. It's really cool. They use this huge building and in addition to physicals, there is dental care, vision and hearing screening, depression screening, etc, and they give vouchers and referrals to those who need more in-depth stuff than a couple of med students shining a light in their eyes and ears. But everyone is so grateful too, so it was fun all the way around (other than the two difficult, screaming 3 year olds I got to try and bribe; but two out of probably 30-40? Not bad. And no, not going into peds.)
On another good note, almost time for another huge check to deposit (that I will be paying back in full plus interest!) Yay!


Marissa said...

You sure know how to relax! That dinner you fixed for Ryan sounded way yummy. That should make up for all the times that you are too tired to cook. That's how it works in my mind, at least. "Hey, I cooked last week. I shouldn't have to cook for at least a day or two."

Marny said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad you're back :) That tired comment has me thinking.....Are you pregnant? Maybe? That would be fun, wouldn't it? That was my main symptom you know! I know the thought of being pregnant (especially during PA school) excites you so I thought I would bring that to your attention (not to make you more depressed)! Speaking of depression, I'm glad you're over your Yankees. You should really think about picking a new team :)