Friday, February 29, 2008

Triathlon for a good cause!

Being that I'm not in prime competition shape due to sitting for about 18 hrs/day, a few classmates and I were planning on relaying as many triathlons this year as we can. I prefer running, another girl is opposed to exercise except for biking, and the other has knee pain when she runs so she was our designated swimmer (cuz I cain't swim!)
Unfortunately about 2 wks ago our little biker made the mistake of skiing on a school day, and had a BAD crash...and now gets to have an ACL repair over spring break. So they're trying to pressure me into doing the bike and I'm not sure about that. Anyway, hopefully we'll still find someone to finish the team, or we'll at least do just the 5K, or hopefully I'll have some motivation to do some type of physical activity without being forced to by a race. It has been SUCH a nice week as far as the weather goes, so I actually made it outside yesterday after class and ran (and got lung cancer from the bad air, but at least it was warm). Fortunately the fact that it's over 30 degrees and I can see the grass is a motivating factor all on it's own.
My other comments today pertain to el autobus. I am a fan of mass transit because it is beneficial in so many ways, and allows for me to sleep about an extra 2 hrs/day that I otherwise wouldn't have...wait, I mean study an extra 2 hrs. But there are some things that must go about the bus:

1. The guy(s) who weighs a modest 450 pounds, who insists on sitting next to me even though there are open seats, causing me to be both uncomfortable and clausterphobic.
2. The girl who just HAS to have an hour long phone conversation, and who is totally unconcerned with EVERYONE on the bus (and possibly the other vehicles on the freeway) hearing all about her personal issues, what a dumb sense of humor she has, and otherwise interrupting my nap (even when I have my headphones on!!!)
3. The bus drivers who have to speed up and then suddenly SLAM on the brakes so everyone goes flying (plus my backpack and lunch bag which are sitting perfectly on my lap so as to not bother the 300+ lb passenger next to me).
4. The JERKS who are so lazy and inconsiderate that it takes them about 20 miles to offer their seat to one of the ladies who is stuck standing in the aisle because the bus is packed (no I didn't offer either...)
5. Rain/snow/wind when I'm waiting for said bus for 10 minutes.
6. The fact that even when it is a lovely 50 degrees and sunny outside, I have to haul along my coat so as to not freeze on said bus ride each morning and evening because the air MUST ALWAYS BE ON (every season, all year long).

And there are others, but I will leave it at that for now. That being said, I must acknowledge the sweet new driver this semester who remembers to turn off the overhead lights for the drive up so we can sleep, and who welcomes us overhead to Salt Lake when we arrive and wishes us all a good day, and who, on Valentine's day, had a bucket of chocolates for us as we got off! I can forgive the freezing out for that. So I'm looking forward to St. Patrick's day now.
Thanks for reading, have a nice day.


Marissa said...

I was thinking about doing the 5K, but I really don't know if I'd be up to it. I'd have to go really slow. Maybe I can talk Ryan and Katie into going with me, and we can just ramble along. Yeah, as if that would happen.

Jonathan said...

Wow! regular posts! How exciting! Sorry for not checking back sooner. I just read all of your February posts, and there was so much that I can't remember anything to comment about. But I really like the reviews of your pt's so keep that up. I never suspected that you had mom's seamstress skills!